Treasures of Oomi – traditional care for ladies

TRADITIONAL MASSAGE FOR LADIES. Puan Hajjah Oomi Jannah operates from Bukit Damansara. Services include Confinement Treatment Centre which caters for modern women’s lifestyles in a yet traditional way. Ladies in confinement must undergo thorough and detailed care – a service which we are offering within the comfort and privacy of a home URUTAN TRADISIONAL UNTUK WANITA. Lalui pengalaman rawatan selepas bersalin dan rawatan tradisional wanita yang lain di premis kami di Bukit Damansara

Profil Hajjah Oomi Jannah

Hajjah Oomi Jannah bt Haji Abdul Hamid AMZ, adalah seorang Pakar Perunding Perbidanan bertauliah dalam perawatan Tradisional selepas bersalin/dalam pantang. Beliau mempunyai pengalaman selama 24 tahun dalam bidang ini.

Berasal dari Kedah dan kini menetap di Shah Alam, Selangor , beliau merupakan pemilik Treasures of Oomi, bekas pemilik bersama Warisan Ibunda Melayu Sdn Bhd, dan pengasas Thoriq Enterprise yang telah beroperasi selama 24 tahun serta banyak berjasa kepada golongan wanita dan ibu-ibu yang memerlukan perawatan khusus buat wanita. Beliau yang juga merupakan konsultan telah memberikan khidmat kepada pelanggan yang termasuk juga antaranya ialah DYMM Raja Permaisuri Agong; Permaisuri Nor Zahirah, DYMM Tengku Fauziah, isteri-isteri duta dari luar Negara dan isteri-isteri menteri dalam Malaysia.

Hajjah Oomi Jannah telah di beri anugerah Darjah Ahli Setia Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Terengganu (AMZ) pada tahun 2004 di atas jasa-jasa beliau.


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Profile of Hajjah Oomi Jannah

Hajjah Oomi Jannah bt Abdul Hamid AMZ, has an excellent reputation in Post Natal Treatment/Care. She has over 24 years experience in this field.

She hails from Kedah and currently resides in Shah Alam, Selangor , she is the proud owner of Treasures Of Oomi’s , previously one of the co-founders of Warisan Ibunda Melayu Sdn Bhd and Thoriq Enterprise’s founder . She has cared for many ladies especially during confinement after giving birth and also traditional massage. Among some of her prominent patrons include the DYMM RAJA PERMAISURI AGONG; Queen Nor Zahirah , DYMM TENGKU FAUZIAH, ambassador’s wives and wives of ministers of Malaysia to name a few.

Hajjah Oomi Jannah was awarded the Darjah Ahli Setia Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Terengganu (AMZ) in 2004 for her services.

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Price list

Price list



3 days – RM 750
5 days – RM 1,250
7 days – RM 1,750
14 days – RM 2,975
40 days – RM 8,500

Package inclusive of;

  • massage
  • hot stove (tungku)
  • herbal sauna (body steaming)
  • herbal bath
  • body wrap (bengkung)
  • pilis

for 14/40 days package the treatment will include body scrub, flower bath and jamu mix.


  • Traditional massage – 1 hour – RM 100
  • Aromatheraphy massage – 1 hour – RM 100
  • Hot stone (tungku) – 1 hour – RM 80
  • Intimacy massage – 1 hour – RM 120
  • Romantic mystic massage – 1 hour – RM 120
  • Pre-natal massage (7-9 months) – 45 minutes – RM 100
  • Herbal steaming of the uterus (bertangas) – RM 60
  • Herbal sauna (body steaming) – 20 minutes – RM 60
  • Body scrub (lulur) + herbal bath – 1 hour – RM 100
  • Traditional massage + womb lifting (sengkak) – 1 hour – RM 120
  • Flower bath (normal) – RM 80
  • Flower bath (special) – RM 175

other treatment – price on application.


slimming package – 10 sessions – 90 minutes each

  • Full body – RM 3,500
  • Stomach, arm, thigh only – RM 2,500

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my secret.. Cellergen

my secret?.. its call Cellergen..

my secret? Its call Celergen..
redefining the luxury of youth, its good for anti ageing, no botox
please contact me for more information
The Advanced Swiss Cell Therapy Supplements in Soft Gels
Now without the use of injectables, Celergen offers you cell Therapy in soft gels produced by the Swiss Cold Process DNA extraction technology. Celergen is clinically proven and potently encapsulated with the essential elements of Marine DNA Cellular Extracts which are known for their supreme rejuvenative, regenerative and anti-oxidant properties resulting in immense energy, enhanced vitality and ageless beauty.

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products… including Jannah’s own products

products… including Jannah’s own products

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our place in Damansara

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Umrah Mei 2010

Berhajat untuk menunaikan ibadah umrah pada Mei 2010? Sila hubungi saya di +6012.4552642

Planning to perform Umrah in May 2010? Please contact me at +6012.4552642

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Umrah bulan September 2009

Hjh Oomi Jannah akan ke tanah suci Makkah untuk menunaikan Ibadah Umrah dari 10-25 September 2009.. InsyaAllah jika ada yang berhajat untuk pergi pada tahun 2010, kita boleh bersama-sama mengerjakan Umrah pada bulan Mei 2010

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new number in Damansara

Our new number is : 03.20923170

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We are in Bukit Damansara

Our new premise is now at :

No. 7, Lorong Setiabistari 7
off Jalan Setiabistari 6,
Bukit Damansara

Our new number is : 03.20923170

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news flash…. we are moving

We are moving to Bukit Damansara,

we will keep you posted on this blog

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Rahsia seri pengantin : Petua orang dulu

Rahsia seri pengantin : Petua orang dulu

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Menguatkan saluran kelamin yang lemah

Menguatkan saluran kelamin yang lemah

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What we offer

Day care with; # Malay traditional confinement treatment (rawatan tradisional selepas bersalin) # Tradional massage (urutan tradisional) # Herbal & floral bath (mani herba & bunga) # Body scrub (lulur) # other traditional treatment (lain-lain rawatan tradisional)

Contact us

Treasures of Oomi No. 7, Lorong Setiabistari 7 off Jalan Setiabistari 6, Bukit Damansara Tel/Fax: 03.20923170 HP Hjh Oomi: +6012.4552642 Business hours: by appointment only, please call to fix appointment


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