Treasures of Oomi – traditional care for ladies

TRADITIONAL MASSAGE FOR LADIES. Puan Hajjah Oomi Jannah operates from Bukit Damansara. Services include Confinement Treatment Centre which caters for modern women’s lifestyles in a yet traditional way. Ladies in confinement must undergo thorough and detailed care – a service which we are offering within the comfort and privacy of a home URUTAN TRADISIONAL UNTUK WANITA. Lalui pengalaman rawatan selepas bersalin dan rawatan tradisional wanita yang lain di premis kami di Bukit Damansara

Faraj longgar : Mengetatkan cara bidan dan moden

Faraj longgar : Mengetatkan cara bidan dan moden

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    I am frequently searching for recent infos in the WWW about this subject. Thanx!

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  • Woman jailed over MH370 theft May 21, 2015
    KUALA LUMPUR: A Sessions Court judge told an ex-bank officer who stole RM77,530 from the accounts of four passengers of the missing MH370 flight that she was lucky to be spared from whipping.
  • An eye-catching and challenging plan May 21, 2015
    THE 11th Malaysia Plan had a different feel to it. Presentation of the voluminous document was done in a breezy and easily digestible way with the mass of text in previous editions giving way to clever diagrams and pastel colours splashed throughout the thick book.
  • No fake papers in 1MDB issue, says Finance Ministry May 21, 2015
    KUALA LUMPUR: The Government has dismissed claims that 1MDB obtained “false” financial documents from the Singapore-based branch of the Swiss BSI Bank.
  • Cops scout temporary sites to house boat people May 21, 2015
    SEREMBAN: Police will start finding places to briefly house some of the 7,000 boat people from Myanmar and Bangladesh currently stranded at sea.
  • Muktadir brother shot dead in Jolo May 21, 2015
    KOTA KINABALU: A week after the notorious Muktadir brothers staged a brazen kidnapping of two Malay­sians in Sandakan town, one of them is dead – shot by the Philippines police in Jolo town.

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